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Innovation and Business Transformation Conference

Nigel Barnes recently spoke on pushing the positive benefits of lean. Click on the graphics on the left to download the slides

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Change (3:16)

Change is critical if businesses are to survive. Change is now "business as usual"; so why is there so much resistance within an organisation? Why is change so hard to achieve?

Health check for businesses (3:05)

Businesses are living organisms, dependent on the environment around them. The economic environment has changed radically recently... Have you considered whether your business has adapted not just to survive but also thrive?


Best practices to embrace Lean thinking in financial services (3:55)

Lean has its roots in manufacturing but has been gaining traction in industries like financial services for years. But to be successful, it cannot be a "cost cutting exercise" says Lean author and consultant Nigel Barnes.

In this PEX Network video interview, Barnes describes why he believes financial service organisations are turning to Lean to help them deal with the complexity that confronts them along with ideas on what it takes for any organisation looking to succeed with Lean transformation.


Getting Practically Lean: Interview with author Nigel Barnes (11:53)

Many large organisations have well-established Lean programmes that makes them more efficient and productive. However, for many small businesses something like Lean can seem either too complicated or too obscure to be relevant to the day to day challenges of running a business. However, author and Lean practitioner Nigel Barnes is attempting to change that. In a new book out this month, called Practically Lean, Nigel has attempted to translate Lean concepts into a jargon-free language that everyone can understand. It’s effectively a "how to" guide for small businesses on how Lean can help them run a better, more efficient and profitable business. In this Process Perspectives podcast, Barnes describes why he wrote the book and what he hopes readers will take away from it.

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