“I have worked with Nigel for many years and appreciate his calm and relaxed approach to challenges.  Recently he assisted greatly by coaching me and helping me to fins my own solutions to new strategic challenges that I was facing.”  Chief of Staff, London

“Nigel is a fantastic creative thinker who has the talent for bringing out the best in people and teams.  With his real-life management experience, Nigel also has the ability to work with people and teams in order to achieve pragmatic solutions – it’s not just about theory!  Above all this, Nigel is just a good guy to know and I wholeheartedly recommend his work.”  Programme Manager, London

“Whilst I strongly believe in coaching I was not experienced in dealing with some of the more complex coaching situations that I was initially presented with.  Nigel helped me plan the coaching I needed to do and facilitated the more difficult first sessions which benefitted both me and the coaches.  Building on these successes, I have now extended coaching more widely in my department and it is an important part of the way we work.”  Director, UK

“I have known and worked for Nigel now for well over ten years now.  During that time he has always been creative and looking for new ideas (often causing work for me) but his enthusiasm is infectious.  He really believes in what he does with high standards of honesty and integrity and that always comes across whenever you speak to him.”  Company Secretary, London