Committed to helping you

I will work to understand and objectively analyse your real needs – and focus on the root causes, not the symptoms. My goal is to improve the situation for your organisation, both in terms of hard measures and also the soft, less tangible people benefits. Culture is important to me – people make a business successful, not the processes.

Guide you, and equip you

You are the expert in your field, but I will be able to bring a fresh and different perspective. I will work with you and guide you to find sustainable solutions that you will feel comfortable with. I will not allow you to take the easy path but challenge you to find the right one; similarly I expect you to challenge my ideas, but also consider them carefully. I want you to thrive long after I’ve left so I will coach and mentor as required to make sure you have the skills needed to continue on your own. But for emergencies I will always be just a phone call away.

Get results for you

Plans are great, but it is tangible results you need. I will work with you to draw up action plans and get my hands dirty to start getting them rolling if you like. I will follow up with you on progress to make sure the planned results have been delivered. I believe in building trust and long-term partnerships with my clients. At the end of the assignment I will check that you have been satisfied with my support.

Be open and work with integrity

I am only human and don’t have experience in all areas. I will be open and honest about how I can help and be clear with you where I can’t. Any information I have I will gladly share with you. For me to help you properly, I need you to be open about all aspects of your business and perhaps share delicate information so I can truly understand your situation. I give my promise of total confidentiality.

Have fun 

I prefer to work in a relaxed, fun and friendly way which creates an environment where innovation and creativity can flourish and ideas can be shared. I enjoy environments where mutual respect is shared. Laughing is good!