My aim is to deliver realistic results but also focusing on the people aspects of change offering consultancy and interim management services. 

Many clients are wary of traditional consultancies, that’s why I take time to understand my clients before drawing any conclusions.

What difference will Helix Blue make to my business?

Hard to say without knowing your situation in detail, but I would expect to see improvements in productivity, quality, client satisfaction and staff satisfaction. I’d need to talk to you and understand more before setting your expectations, but imagine what 10% productivity increase would do to your bottom line? – OK then, what about 20% or 30%? How would that feel?  What I won’t do is promise unrealistic improvements.

Is this all going to be theoretical?

No. With many years of practical operational experience in different industries I know that pragmatism is essential, although a little theory in the background doesn’t go amiss.

Am I going to get a standard “off the shelf” fix?

I believe every organisation is different, and although I have a framework that works, I am not a slave to it and will adapt to your specific needs and circumstances.

Will this be “slash and burn”?

No. I use a holistic approach focusing not just on financials, but also on your staff and clients, removing waste and indeed refreshing your whole business culture. People matter, and I never forget that!

Once you’re in, will you push for more work?

Certainly not. I believe you will ask me back to help in different areas because you like what I do.

My industry is different, how can Helix Blue help?

The industry makes little difference; it’s the fresh ideas, creativity and methodologies I bring that are going to help. I just ask you to have an open mind and have courage to try new things.

What if I have a bigger job?

I’m an associate consultant with Reinvigoration and Valeocon Management Consulting with access to more resources and other specialised skills if you need more horsepower.

Consultancy Clients


Glaxo SmithKlein

HM Revenue and Customs


Lloyds Banking Group

Metropolitan Police


Smith and Nephew