Consultancy Services

Facilitating change

Change is often hard for people and I love helping people to make that step – whether it’s a senior management team needing to reconsider a strategy or a team of staff fearing the effects which change will bring. Good communication and openness always help, but I have a few ideas that could make it easier and help you build a more effective, cohesive team.


Situations in organisations are not always what they seem. Sometimes it takes an independent viewpoint to see factors which are not that obvious when you are too close to them. I will provide an unbiased analysis and propose suggestions and tangible benefits which we can take forward in partnership.

Coaching and mentoring

Coaching and mentoring is one of the tenets of continuous improvement – there’s no point just focusing on improving processes when it’s the people who use them who also need help to change. I can help people work on their goals and personal development and coach others to improve their coaching skills. Creating a culture of giving and taking feedback is important if an organisation is really going to develop and embrace change.

Planning and implementing

Effective change takes good planning and project management. I have valuable experience in planning and implementing lean transformations and also building and running continuous improvement programmes to ensure the changes really do get locked in.  I can also roll up my sleeves and help with implementing the planned actions, providing on-the-spot coaching and mentoring, facilitating problem solving and encouraging process improvements and good role modelling.

Training and communication

I can design and build training programmes on lean transformations, continuous improvement, using lean tools, coaching and a range of other subjects. These would be tailored to suit the audience – from one-to-one sessions to large conference presentations.

Post implementation support

Many organisations have already had lean transformations but need further help to keep the momentum going and reap the full benefits. Regardless of the methodology used, I have experience in providing quality support so you can get the results you want, and give you the skills and knowledge you need to go forward.